Economic calendar, Forex news

Economic Calendar is an essential tool for the primary analysis of financial markets based on economic news. More than 500 records of the world’s largest economies. Features economic news from the top global economic as the US, Japan, and the European Union as well as other economics.

With this calendar, you will find data for a specific time interval and get informed with experts’ forecasts, and track the dynamics of changes of specific financial indicators for several years. As a result, you will have a full-fledged instrument ideally suited for fundamental analysis of the market.

Fmarkets are automatically updated when new data is released. We attempt to gives the most reliable information. However, due to no small amount of data from multiple official and dependable sources, we cannot be retained responsible for the inaccuracies that might happen.

It will help investors

Track important events and evaluate their influence on financial markets.
Convenience when applying filter events by importance, choose desired countries and time intervals.

Received up-to-date information on global markets and well prepared for market movements

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